3 Cheap Effective Ways to Clean Rust Out of Your Tools

These Inexpensive Solutions Can Save the Life of Your Tools, But Will Require A Bit Of Patience!

When you have a lot of tools but do not usually use them, tendency is for them to rust, specially if they are stored in a shed. Tools that are also handed down from generation to generation are also usually full of rust.

There are a lot of commercially available solutions such as CLR that are advertised to remove rust but are expensive and composed of chemicals. Also it can be a hassle to buy if you’re far from the shops.

Here are Three Solutions you could effectively remove rust with. Patience is required.

  1. Vinegar


As they say, the acidity of the vinegar enhances the reaction to the rust. It melts the rust but it takes a lot of soaking to remove the rust out. You can lightly brush it with metal scouring pad or metal wool to remove more rust.

You could use Apple Cider Vinegar for best results but White Vinegar does also a nice job.



  1. Lemon Juice and Baking Soda Mix

Lemon Juice has the similar acidic property of vinegar but add that with baking soda, it seems to do the a good job of removing rust. It smells better than the Vinegar too!

  1. Molasses

Who would have thought that the sweet liquid can amazingly clean rust? Some people even soak the rusted parts in over a week.


Word of Caution:

Remove the non-metal parts such as wood. It is also advised to separate the parts before soaking it in.

Do not soak painted surfaces. Freshly painted surfaces are known to bubble with the solutions above. Chrome metals are also discouraged to soak in these.

After removing the rust, it is advised to oil them to prevent future rust.


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