Awesome Idea! Make a Root Cellar From an Old Refrigerator …

This is one of those “Why Didn’t I Think Of That” Ideas

Built underground or partially underground a root cellar is a used to store fruits, vegetables, or other foods.

A root cellar will keep your food at a stable low temperature and humidity. Properly designed it will prevent spoilage by keeping food cool during the summer months and stop it from freezing during the winter.

If you can source the right materials you can build a root cellar for very little. One built it costs nothing to maintain.

So how do you go about building your own root cellar?  There are many plans out there, but here is one of the best ideas I have seen yet.

Use an old refrigerator to make your root cellar!

How to Make a Fridge Root Cellar    How to Make a Fridge Root Cellar


Watch this video to learn how to Make a Fridge Root Cellar



If you want to learn more about this project head over to Walden Effect where you can read all about this idea.


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