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Clean your dishes and laundry with eggshells.. No Really!

So you have chickens and an abundance of eggs!  Got a ton of eggshells and feel guilty every time  you throw them away?  Then try out these ideas…  Eggs are incredibly versatile and you will be amazed at all the things you can do with them!  Egg shells are not only a great source of protein but they are full of vitamins and minerals like calcium.

So here’s some ways you can use them and some of these will surprise you!

compost1. Composting:

We probably all know this one…  Eggshells are rich in calcium and as a compost ingredient they end up feeding your plants.  Dont put them in whole though as they take a long time to break down.  Just crush them with your hands or grind them and add them in.  Once your compost is ready to put on the garden the fertilizer will be rich in calcium.

2.  Fertilize Your Garden Directly:

Again, dont put whole eggshells on the garden but crush them up or grind around the base of the plants.  You can also add them to holes that you dig before you put in the plants.  You can also add this compound to your indoor plants, or why not soak them in water, and use the water instead.

Great tip: for seedlings… Rinse out an eggshell and add a hole in the bottom for drainage and crack the other end. Fill it with dirt and a seed or 2.  When your seedling has grown and ready to be planted, crack the bottom of the eggshell and plant directly.

3. Pest control:

Snails, and slugs hate eggshells because they dont like crawling over the shells.  So crush them up and sprinkle them around the veges.  It might even prevent the cat from littering in the garden also.

4. Preventing blossom end rot:

Using crushed eggshells sprinkle them around the tomatoes and cucumbers – it will prevent the blossom end rot that these vegetables are susceptible to.

5.  Clean Your Dishes!

Pots & PansNow heres a rather novel idea!  If you have tough pots and pans that have that hard to remove baked on grime, use the eggshells to work over the pot.  It works as an abrasive – bit messy, but effective 🙂  On a side note, if you  have vases that get a bit grimy and you cant get that grime off (often with thinner vases you just cant get down there to clean), then crush the eggshells, put them into the vase with a bit of water and dishwashing soap.  Shake a lot and rinse.

6.  Removing Coffee and Tea Stains:

While we are still in the kitchen, use the eggshells to get rid of those stains that tea tannins and coffee seem to leave in the pot and dishes.  This time just put the ground up eggshells into the mug, teapot or pot, and add warm water.  Leave it overnight.  In the morning the eggshells would have absorbed the stains.  No scrubbing required!

Great tip – to all you coffee lovers, add an eggshell to the filter in the coffee maker.  The eggshells will take out some of the bitterness you can get in the coffee.  Be warned, your friends might think you are a bit weird!

7.  Whiten Your Laundry:

Have your clothes got that grayish look?  Grab the mesh bag, put some eggshells in it and wash.  The clothes will come out white!

8. Beauty treatments!

Using ground eggshells, mix with egg whites. Apply to your face – the mixture is slightly abrasive so gently massage into the skin. and leave to dry.  Rinse and notice the glow!  No expensive treatments necessary!

9.  Bandages:

Now here’s something I have never considered before, but will definitely try this on the next cut.  Inside the egg is a membrane that can be used to put over a cut, then let it harden.  Good idea if you are outside in the garden (by the chicken coop of course) and get a cut… No rushing inside to find the bandage.

10.  Getting Calcium into chickens:

Chickens can become calcium deficient.  You will know this because the eggs are thin shelled, or even shell less.  So feed the eggshells to the chickens.  It helps replace the calcium that chickens desperately need as they need a lot of calcium to create great eggs.

11.  Calcium for the pets and for you and your family:

Once the eggshells are fully cleaned and sanitized, let them dry and then blend them.  Spoon them into gelatin capsules.  You can also add the powder to smoothies or over food.

For your pets you can just add the ground eggshells to their food.  This is a really cheap way of getting calcium into the whole family (including the pets and the chickens!)

Sidewalk Chalk12.  Fun family tip:

Kids love sidewalk chalk and eggshells make great chalk!  Here’s the recipe:

5-8 shells, add 1tsp of hot water, 1 tsp of flour and some food coloring.  Mix, and pack into toilet rolls until dry.  Now go and see how much fun they are!

There are lots of great uses for eggshells and the benefits are enormous.  Cheap too particularly if you have chickens!

Images via Flickr users: themonnie  stevendepolo


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