All the veges you might consider for your fall garden but timing is critical! Act Now!

Summer is just about over and fall begins.  This is a great time to think about planting the fall garden with all the foods you will enjoy over winter.  Think about what you and your family enjoy to eat from a winter garden, for example broccoli, leeks, onions, peas.  Now is the time to start preparing the way for planting these vegetables and making sure the soil is just right for their best growth.

The veges you might consider planting now are:

Beets Kale
Beans Leeks
Broccoli Lettuce
Brussels Onions
Cabbage Peas
Carrots Parsley
Cauliflower Radishes
Chard Sprouts
Collards Spinach
Coriander Turnips

So how to get started….

Get the soil ready by first removing the dead or dying plants and add these to your compost.

Using some of the compost you already have (or purchased) add it to the soil to refresh it and add nutrients.  (Use eggshells)

Plant your seeds and seedlings and water them.

Keep an eye on them to make sure they are not getting dried out.

Heres a great video to get you thinking about growing crops and when to consider planting them, it looks at things like soil temperature and how to get the best out of your vege seedlings…



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