A Must Have Book For Homesteaders!

Book Review: Country Wisdom & Know How


Whether you are starting out homesteading or you’ve been at it for a while now, this book is one of the bibles in any homesteading home.  With over 8,000 useful (and often not known about) skills, it includes step by step instructions from Producing Cheese, Butter and Yoghurt, to putting up stone walls, raising healthy rabbits and sharpening hand tools to building fences and root cellars.

Subject areas include animals; cooking; crafts; gardening, health and wellbeing, building fences, orchards outbuildings and more .  There are tons of illustrations, diagrams and photographs.  But be warned, you might need glasses to read everything as the writing is small!

This is one heck of a book and everything to start you off and keep you going in living off the land.

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and if you want to learn more about whats in the book heres a review:



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