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5 Tips for Starting Your Homestead

Follow These 5 Tips and Get Off to the Right Start.

There are so many reasons for new homesteaders to become discouraged. Follow these 5 tips from the

While homesteading is about being more self-sufficient, it is easy for new homesteaders to become discouraged. There are just so may obstacles to overcome and things to learn.

Here are 5 tips for new Homesteaders…

  TIP 1 For Starting Your Homestead

Tip #1: Do what you can, where you are.

Doing what you can where you are is a fantastic way to get started and should be encouraging to any homesteader-hopeful. Find a spare plot of land for your garden – or an even bigger plot for a hive of bees! Raise a few chickens in your suburban neighbor (pending code, of course). Learn to make cheese, even if you don’t have a dairy animal yet. Read and gain knowledge on tasks you’d like to get started on. Just keep moving forward! Even if it’s baby steps.

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TIP 2 For Starting Your Homestead

Tip #2: Be willing to learn by experience.

Experience teaches us. Big time. But you’ve got to be willing to put yourself out there and be willing to make mistakes. It’s quite embarrassing to write about all the mistakes that I’ve made on the farm – but the difficulty and the embarrassment teach me permanent lessons, which is an incredible blessing.

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TIP 3 For Starting Your Homestead

Tip #3: Find local people who know what the heck they’re doing.

I’ve had at least a dozen experiences with farmers, bakers, beekeepers, and ranchers in our area  – they’re usually always eager to share their products and their knowledge and I’m eager to soak it up and find further fantastic sources for our food. It takes effort. It takes face-to-face human interaction (wait? do people still do that?). It’s absolutely invaluable for the homesteader.

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TIP 4 For Starting Your Homestead

Tip #4: Chill out.

Things HAPPEN. And it’s absolutely essential that you learn how to roll with the punches, lest you suffer a heart-attack at least every other day. Because the reality is, crops will fail. Animals will die. Money will run out. You will become frustrated. Learn to take it on the chin and keep pressing forward.

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TIP5 For Starting Your Homestead

Tip #5: Go slow.

Don’t think that because progress is slow it’s insignificant. Working slow and steadily through each new project on the homestead helps to make sure that your feet are on solid ground before moving to the next task at hand – as frustrating as this can be for those go-getters out there.

But take a few moments. Think about your decisions. Plan them out. See the bigger picture.


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