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10 Insanely Useful Things You Could Make with PVC Pipes

PVC pipes aren’t just for your plumbing needs; These pipes are as versatile as they get. With a hollow middle and a tough but flexible plastic body, PVC is one of the favorite materials when it comes to upcycling. So, if you’ve got some spare pipes or broken pipes that leaked a little, read on and we’ll list the variety of ways we can repurpose it.

1. Garden Tools Holder.

Tired of your disorganized gardening tools? Leave your tool organization to PVC pipes! All you need are 12-inch PVC pipes and furring strips screwed to the wall. Here’s  a great tutorial on how to create the Garden Tools Holder but with variation on the materials.

2. Bike Trailer

PVC Bike trailer

Getting from point A to point B is easier and cheaper with a bike, but a bike can’t carry loads of stuff (unless you’ve got a lot of hands). The solution: a bike trailer, a wheeled attachment to your bike which could take additional weight.

A cheap DIY utilizing the PVC pipes could he found here.

3. Clothes Rack

Instead of buying or making additional cabinets, you could make this easy clothes rack  which could double as a clothes drying rack.

4. Garden Cage

Want to keep the animals out of your vegetable garden? Here’s a video showing how you can make your own Garden Cage.

5. Chicken Feeder

PVC_Chicken_FeederBecause chickens need to be fed! Courtesy of PrepforSHTF

If you’re having a hard time feeding the chickens, here’s the project that will surely help you with feeding. This project includes a side project with a feed indicator so you will be aware when the chicken feeder is out of feed.

6. Fold Down Greenhouse

PVC GreenhouseHelp your plants get not too cold. From Bonnie’s Plants

This is a great project for homesteaders who need to protect their plants from the cold and at the same time fold it up when you don’t need it. The instructions for making the greenhouse is easy to follow and there is also an instructional video too.

7. Tomato Cage

PVC Tomato CageTomatoes need a lot of support. Instructables

Tomatoes are quite unruly growing and available tomato cages are easily outgrown by the tomato plant. PVC Tomato cages are the inexpensive and custom solution. It provides support to the plant but does not hinder its growth. Check the instructions here.

8. Berry Picker

PVC Berry

We’ve all been there, getting small fruits from trees and fruits that are out of reach are quite a miserable adventure that sometimes end in injuries. But this Berry picker Instructables, fashions the old PVC pipe into a fruit picking pipe that picks the fruit off its stem and makes it run through the pipe and head down toward your fruit bag at the end of the pipe.

9. Garden Trellis

Garden trellis help plants achieve vertical growth and also provide support for softer plants like shrubs and vines. This video shows how to make simple garden trellis from PVC pipes.

10. Planters

PVC Hanging GardenLearn to make hanging planters

PVC vertical planterLearn to build vertical planters

If you’re running out of pots and planters at home, you can also use PVC pipes. You can make hanging planters and vertical planters  for your strawberry plants.


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