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Cool story! Bad-Ass Single Mom Builds Off Grid Lakeside Cabin.

With only a little bit of help this single mum is building this cute tiny house for weekends & getaways….

This is amazing what a bit of determination and resourcefulness have done for this divorced mom of 3 who had no choice but to make it happen…

This tiny home story is inspirational to say the least, the kids have helped and learnt from their mom who had to learn it from the internet and from asking around.  Sourcing a lot of the materials from recycling and armed with a pencil, a ruler and an eraser she was armed to succeed with little or no knowledge.

Starting as a symbol of a new beginning this tiny house has become a symbolic story of who this amazing woman is.

Kelley Lewis is incredible and for anyone that says building is just too tough, its amazing what one person can do when they are up against the wall with increasing financial burdens and with a determination to build life again from the ground up.

This success story is a must watch!:


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