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How Firewood should be stacked [VIDEO]

Firewood can be one of the most disorganized areas in our backyards and really it doesn’t need to be.

Some people like it scattered, and some like it stacked in any which way. Apart from wasting space, it also poses as a hazard if the stack is not stable.

The wood should be kept dry and must have no contact with the soil or else it will end up with more moisture than it should have and a lot of molds, not to mention foul odor. The worst thing about moist firewood is that it will have a difficult time kindling and the smoke will be worse than you thought.

Stacking firewood is quite a lot of work if you already have an existing tower of firewood but the payoff will be definitely worth it. The firewood will dry easier and faster. You’ll have some dry, less smoky and crackling fireplace in the wintertime.

Here’s the video that will show you how to stack the right way so that it gets plenty of air:


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