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[VIDEO] Easy Recipe to Make Cheese from Soured Milk

Since winter is around the corner, we will focus on some home recipes that you can easily make in your home.

If you use raw milk from your own dairy farm or from other dairy farmers, chances are you have encountered a soured milk.

Soured milk or commonly known as sour milk is the acidification of milk, a reaction to lime juice, vinegar or the most case, natural bacteria overgrowth. To be clear, soured milk is from raw milk, while spoiled milk is from pasteurized milk.

Soured milk is commonly used in a lot of recipes like breads, cheeses and other pastries. It’s flavor is described as ‘tart’ or a little bite of flavor. So this actually is good for you, that you can still use the fresh milk you have into other uses.

Making your own cheese from your soured milk will not only be more rich but also will be more flavorful. You can find the ingredients easily at home such as salt, vinegar, fresh milk and then the soured milk.


Here is a short video with simple instructions of how to make cheese from soured milk:


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