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How To Make Your Worm Bin

Worm Bins are easy to make and only require a small space to work. But first, do you know what a worm bin is?

Worm bins are a kind of composting but instead of using carbon for decomposition, it uses worms (as you may have figured out from the heading). It may be icky for some, but worms are Mother earth’s best friend when it comes to decomposition and turning organic waste into earth (or fertilized soil). Imagine how our earth would look like without worms: We’d be overcrowded.

Some city dwellers who are environmentally conscious also use the worm bins since they are quite useful when taking care of the kitchen rubbish and they look inconspicuous to the lay person (unless that person opens up the bin for a surprise) and produces a quality compost for the farmers and gardeners. It is a win win situation for all including the worms.

Here is a good tutorial by Cali Kim on how to construct the worm bin by using available storage boxes and a drill (to put some holes). The worm bedding makes or breaks the worm bin so it should not be too moist or too dry.  She uses different materials for the worm bedding to make the worms more at home and not want to climb out or die.


Remember that worms love fruits, vegetables, breads, grains, cereals, coffee grounds (and filters!) and tea. ¬†Worms don’t eat dairy based products, fats and meat. They also don’t eat poop and oils. Also remember to bury the scraps to keep the flies away.




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