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Got A Fireplace? How About Cooking In It!

Ah the fireplace, such a place of heat and warmth and where the family cuddles up together in the freezing cold of winter.

The fireplace can be a place used to cook at the same time! As we head into winter, imagine how great it would be, cuddling up infront of the fireplace watching the steaks grill.

The fireplace is actually the oldest cooking place in the home. It was the source of heat and joy in families gathering around it and grilling on top of it. It does make sense that the fireplace is burning wood and wood is one of the best grills you can cook on. Imagine the aroma of wood-grilled with the flavor profile of wood enhancing meat juices of a steak.

Check out what this guy is doing here in his own fireplace:



Obviously, a grill top if necessary when grilling steaks. A long piece of tongs¬†with heat resistant handles will come in handy when turning over the meat and it must be sturdy too so it can pull the grill top once you’re done with cooking.



But if you don’t have a grill top, you can make one by using some old grill top from the oven and supporting it with bricks. So you will lay down the bricks before the fire starts and then lay down the grill top and make sure that the bricks could support it with the added weight. You could also use here some pans or pots as long as they fit between the brick support. Some suggest making two rows of bricks and shovelling ember in between. But what is important with this is that you really have to be careful with this one or the grill might fall off and burn you.



Or you could do like how scouts do it in a bonfire – by skewering things then putting them in the fire like barbecues and marshmallows.

Also practice safety precaution and prepare fire retardants or extinguishers to be safe.



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