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Don’t Throw Away Your Old Cookbooks! 5 Reasons Why…

Here Are 5 Reasons Not To Throw Away Your Old Cookbooks!

If you are like me you will have a few cookbooks that have been passed down the generations. Every so often I go through them and think back to the past and how my grandparents and their parents used to cook.

Its hard to get rid of these old books and here’s 5 very good reasons why you shouldn’t get toss them:

1.  You never need an iPad, computer or any other device!

And this is a big plus in a world of computers ruling the planet.  So many recipes are now sourced from the internet, and include so many ingredients that its a bit of a mission just making anything.  Which leads me on to the second reason…

old cookbooks2.  Old cookbooks don’t have the number of ‘odd ball’ ingredients that new recipes have…

Many of these old recipes just have plain simple food ingredients.  A generation or two ago nobody went to the supermarket every day like we do now. Food was simple, and used basic ingredients.   Often the ingredients were local and food was eaten in season. Today  you can get anything at any time of the year.  Also the food may have been grown in the garden, so just by going outside and digging up those potatoes, carrots and shelling the peas you could prepare wholesome meals.

3.  Recipes were created from scratch!

No cans of pasta sauce from the supermarket, no ready made stock, no ordering in pizza, or going down for a burger.  Nothing was wasted and every bit was used.  You learnt how to cook from scratch.   Old cookbooks had to focus on the mainstay ingredients and expected that you couldn’t open a pasta sauce jar.

Wholesome eating was the name of the game and it was all about putting food on the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Plus some delicious baking!

3. No mention of the microwave in old cookbooks!

You were expected to have only the basic kitchen staples such as cast iron pots, and a stove.  No cake mixers, bread makers, microwaves, and blenders.

4.  Old Cookbooks expected that there would be no waste of any sort, including time!

This includes not only wasting ingredients, or wasting any part of an animal, or plant, but also focused on fuel economy.  This would have included things like coal, charcoal, or wood.

Cookbooks had to focus on simplicity and efficiency because time was precious.  With household duties and things being done by hand, like the laundry and sewing no time could be wasted.

5.  Cookbooks tell us about the past

There are many ways of doing things, and the modern ways are not always the best, especially with having so many processed or pre made foods available.  This information needs to be retained.  There has been much revival over the years about how to do simple things like canning and these cookbooks give great insight into tips and tricks to do all sorts of things that modern processing has taken over.

So if you  have a minute, go dig out an old cookbook – if you havent got one, see if the local secondhand shop has, and take a trip down memory  lane.  Share what you learn with the kids – I’m sure that there will be a lot of chuckles about how things were done and written way back.

Image Source: Flickr user Lisa Yarost


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