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[Video] Amazing Cozy Log Cabin – Built for less than $500!

Built For $500 With No Previous Construction Experience.

Completed in 8 months, with no previous construction experience, and in his spare time, this simple, but cozy log cabin outstanding.

Most the the $500 went into the lumber that went into the roof. All of the items that were worth $0 as they were scrap to begin with and they only took on value when made fixed up and use of.

– The stove was donated because by a friend who had it sitting in his scrap pile and he knew it could be used.
– A farmer had a bunch of thrown-out windows in a garbage pile in his back field. He said that if they could dig out of the snow, take them.
– The door was a coffee table that a friend had made, it was going to be thrown out as the varnish didn’t go on properly.

There are a few things that still need to be done to to make sure this cabin lasts 100+ years, but this little log cabin is an outstanding build.

Watch the video to learn more…

Over the page is a follow up video of the cabin after a year of being away.


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