Super Handy Formula to Get Your Pig’s Weight – No Scales Needed!

Need to get the live weight of your hog and don’t have scales?


This is amazing and it works.  No more need to scales – its all based on measurements and even if you are not good at maths, you will be able to work this out with a calculator.  In fact you don’t even need the tape measure, just any old measure like a piece of string or twine.   This is some crazy stuff but it works!  Maths is like that sometimes and even though I have no idea how this works it does.  So by taking 2 simple measurements and using the formula you’ll get a pretty close live weight of your hog.

So here’s the secret formula:




The first measurement is the length.

That’s from the base of the tail…

All the way to between the ears.

The second measurement is the heart girth.

Then apply those numbers to the following formula:

Heart Girth Squared X Length Divided by 400

Using this method on the day of slaughter this year we estimated the weight of our hog to be about 350 pounds.

Her length was 56″ and heart girth was 50″.

Sure enough, her live weight (with all of the organs, head, etc…) was 350 pounds!! Once the carcass was eviscerated and the hanging weight (what the butchers use to charge you by) was taken, there were 250 pounds left.

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