Can You Be A Homesteader When You’re Flat Broke?

Simple Answer is YES! It is TOTALLY possible to homestead with zero money…

Your homestead might look a bit rough and ready for a bit, but with some determination, and a lot of resourcefulness, you can turn this around to creating a very sustainable, and productive environment where you can grow food and manage the homestead easily.

Bottom line there are 4 basic things you have to be (not do) to homestead successfully when there just isn’t the money.  These things don’t cost anything either 🙂

What those 4 basic things are is:

  1. Resourceful
  2. Creative
  3. Determined
  4. Contented

When you look around your homestead there is a lot you can use if you use this resourcefulness, creativity, determination and you are contented.

If you are not content, you will get discouraged. When you allow discouragement to overcome you, you lose your determination. Without determination it’s hard to muster up creativity, and you can’t be as resourceful without creativity. They all go hand in hand.

Being content is having patience. When you really don’t have extra money to do the things you want to do, or buy the things you want to buy, you must be content to do the best you can with what you do have. It has always been my experience that when you are patient and instead of rushing out and spending money you wait and make do, eventually exactly what you need will fall right into your lap- often for free or for very little money.

Check out what this enterprising homesteader did with his plot when he chose to be resourceful, creative and determined… (and decided to be content with what he is at):


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