Homesteaders Tell All!

Homesteaders are asked why they homestead… Their answers may surprise you.

Why Homestead?  Ever asked yourself that question?  Or have you wondered why others do it or want to?  I’m sure you have!

The dream of being a homesteader may have gotten under your skin, it may be keeping you up at night thinking, and planning. Is it what you talk about incessantly?  Are all homesteaders or wannabes the same?  Do they all have the same dreams, do they all share that yearning to raise and grow your own, and to be self sufficient (as much as possible)?  Are we all the same?  Or do we do it for different reasons?

When Leigh Fiber from asked that question on her well followed blog,  the response was amazing! Homesteaders, wannabes and those that were just curious responded…

Here’s what she asked:

To homesteaders:
Why do you homestead? What motivated you to get started and what keeps you motivated?

To those someday planning to homestead:
Why do you want to homestead? What motivates you to work in that direction?

To those simply curious about homesteading:
What interests you about it? Why? Would you ever consider pursuing it yourself? If not, what stops you?


Check out the wide variety of responses here:


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