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Make An Incredible Porch Swing For Only $74

Every homestead needs a porch and on that porch a porch swing!

What homesteader hasn’t imagined being on the porch watching the sun setting knowing that a good day’s work has been accomplished.   Perhaps the children are playing in the yard with the dog, the dinner is on the stove, and as you watch over, you notice the chickens starting to settle in for the night,  the smells of the day fading into that dusky scent of night, and you sit contemplating how great life is away from the city, that concrete jungle and you cant imagine anything better than this… In this picture you are always sitting in the rocking chair, or the porch swing arent you!

But what do you do if you dont have that swing yet – well why not do what this young woman did and made one!

Check out how she made her own porch swing with a bit of wood and ingenuity…

She Spent $74 To Build An Incredible Porch Swing



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