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Clever & Inexpensive Fence Ideas

UPDATED: More How-To Videos & Inspirational Photos

Fencing, whether you need it to keep the rabbits, chickens or deer out of the garden, or you are fencing off areas for other reasons, can get very expensive.  However it doesn’t have to be that expensive but it will take a bit of work and time if you are doing it on the cheap.

With a bit of wit and humor this video (which will make you laugh out loud) Graeme Pullen shows you how to build your own picket fence using old pallet wood. And you can use the leftover bits of wood, so none of it is wasted.  This video is packed full of hints and tips to help you build your own perfect fence.  The way he describes how to create the fence is one of the best videos we have seen regarding ease of dismantling the pallets to overall design.

To find your pallets why not check out local warehouses or trucking  companies.  Often pallets are regarded as industrial waste and companies have to pay for them to be taken away so don’t be afraid to ask if you can grab some as it saves them time and money if you do.

You probably want to use pallets of the same size, but if you don’t have them it will mean you will have a few gaps pallet to pallet.


Here is an excellent showing you how to build a simple and cheap garden fence:

Check out the Wood Pallet video here:

If these videos are not enough get you inspired check out some other cheap fence ideas… (and you have to see the video below showing how to hide a Chain Link Fence with Bamboo)

Backyard Fencevia

inexpensive fence ideas_1via

inexpensive fence ideas_2via

inexpensive fence ideas_3via

Cheap Fence Ideavia

Installing a Bamboo Friendly Fence on a Chain Link Fence…

And what about this idea of a Osage orange living fence that will be durable for generations!

Living FenceVia


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