Off Grid Concrete Tent! [Video]

AMAZING… Immerse In Water, Blow It Up Like a Ballon, Let It Set. DONE!

Concrete Canvas Shelters_5


The speed of how fast these go up is incredible.  Its tough, durable and keeps the inside warm, or cool, no matter what you need.  It takes off- grid shelters to a whole new level.

Concrete Canvas Shelters_5

Inspired by plaster casts wrapped around broken bones, this material is a concrete canvas.  But it doesn’t start that way.  Built with all the elements of concrete, it firstly bends and is flexible so can be turned in any shape.  Once it is immersed in water and left to set, it becomes completely solid.  So dont muck about, there is a window of opportunity to get these erected once immersed in water.

Concrete Canvas Shelters

You’ll be able to get one of these up in hours, so nothing like building a wooden structure that could take days, if not weeks.

Concrete Canvas Shelters

See how they construct a 538 sq feet solid building – we couldn’t believe it!

Watch this 2 minute video here:

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