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Want To Win a 35-Acre Farm? This Is Unreal…

A Couple In Their 60’s Are Giving Away Their Farm

A 35-Acre Virginia Horse Farm will be won by someone who can convince a panel of judges that their 1000 word story is a bestseller!

Randy Silvers and Carolyn Berry who are now in their 60’s and looking to retire, are the owners of Rock Spring Farm, Essex Country, Virginia.  Due to the demands of the work they have decided to move on but in a very novel way…

Rock Spring Farm

They have started a quest to find the ‘perfect’ person who will take over the farm.  The 18th century horse farm was renovated by themselves in the 90’s and they built the place up from rubble and care for the property and animals.  Rather than selling to anyone, they have put it upon themselves to find the right person who will take over and care for the property and animals as deeply as they have over these years.

This is a wonderful opportunity for someone who might be a horse enthusiast or hobby farmer (and a great writer!) to pick up where Randy Silvers and Carolyn Berry will leave off.

This contest will end on October 17th, 2015 and all entries must be received on or before that date.  Each entry costs $200 and the winner and runner-up will be selected by a panel of educators, horse enthusiasts and hobbyist farmers by November 26th, 2015.  No entries will be accepted after October 17th.

Whoever wins the essay contest will inherit the 35-acre farm and must agree to not develop or sell it for at least two years.

The couple are hoping to receive at least 5000 entries, using the money to pay off their mortgage and taxes.  They also plan to use the money to start a college fund for their grandchildren, and of course, the rest on their well earned retirement.

rockspring5Rock Spring Farm

To learn more about this please go here:

To download the entry form, contest rules, and FAQs, please visit:
Good luck!

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