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10 Healing Herbs To Keep In Your Medicine Cabinet

Your medicine cabinet needs to be stocked with these 10 herbs!

Keeping yourself well doesn’t have to be expensive and you can use  many different ingredients from what you have in your garden already. From salves, to lotions, and medicinal drinks many a cold or sore can be treated cheaply and easily from just what you make.  As we move from summer to fall, and into winter it might be prudent to start putting together some of these supplies.  They dont take long to make and just knowing some of these simple uses might be useful.

Calendula, Lavender, Elderberry, Lemon Balm and Mint might already be growing in your garden, along with other flowers and leaves that you can readily create something out of.

Find out which herbs are the most important to have in your herbal medicine chest:

10 Healing Herbs



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