Awesome DIY: 14×14 solar cabin for under $2000!

Imagine… No More House Payments ! No Utility Bills!

Ever wondered how you can build a cabin cheaply for all year living where you are warm and comfortable.  And it hasn’t cost you an arm and a leg to get it.  Perhaps you want something that runs off grid but you still want a TV and a way to run a laptop and anything else you want to ‘plug’ in.  And you want to live in it all year round so you need it fully insulated.  If this is something you want just for you, or as a couple this cabin might just be the answer.

Its 14×14 with a loft and around 400 square feet of living space for $2000. (excluding doors and windows).  The living along with the kitchen and bathroom is downstairs, with the bedroom and office upstairs.  This cabin can sleep 6 people comfortably.

Power system is 580 watts Solar electric and 400 Watts wind power which powers a 12 volt fridge, lights, water pump, TV’s, laptop and many gadgets. Heat source can be propane or wood stove. Toilet is solar assisted composting.
This cabin design has been tested in Canada, Mexico and Alaska with great results. Perfect for a starter home, hunting/fishing cabin, bug-out shelter or vacation cabin.

Check out the video here:

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