3 Super Easy to Build Compost Tumblers!

A quick and easy way to create compost!

You don’t need for a pitchfork when you use a compost tumbler. Turning or spinning keeps the pile inside fired up by allowing oxygen to reach the decomposing materials. If you do it correctly, a compost tumbler can cut months from the composting process — sometimes as little as three to four weeks!

Compost helps retain the moisture in your soil and adds rich nutrients for healthy plants. With a DIY Compost Tumbler you can easily reuse, and recycle your kitchen and garden waste into a rich organic soil conditioner.

The difference between a standard compost system and a Compost Tumbler is that you will turn the contents more often in a tumbler. Turning introduces air — one of the four vital ingredients (the others being nitrogen, carbon and water) — that is necessary to turn vegetable matter into compost.

Here are 3 easy to build DIY Compost Tumblers for you…

1. The Horizontal Axle Compost Tumbler

As you can see, this design is on a solid wooden stand with the barrel turning on an axle running through the center. If you make the stand the high enough you should be able to get a wheelbarrow underneath.  When your compost is ready you can tip it directly into the wheelbarrow.

Horizontal Axel Compost Tumbler

Click the link below to learn about the next two Compost Tumbler designs.


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