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DIY: How To Build A Berkey Water Filter System… Cheap!

Want to know how to build your own Berkey water filter system… for a fraction of the cost of a store brought one?

Finished DIY Berkey Water Purifier

One of the most popular brands for filtering water in rural areas, at disaster sites, and for those just wanting to clean up city water before drinking it is the Berkey water filter system. You can filter rain water, water from rivers, steams, or even lakes.  It’s a quality water filter system with stacks of laboratory-supported documentation that attests to its performance.

The one big downside to a Berkey water filter system is it’s price. The 2.5 gallon system averages around $250-$300. While the Berkey is well worth its price, there is another, less expensive, way for you to get one.

Steve over at has put together tutorial showing you how built you own. He uses just the Berkey filters (They are the thing that does the water filtering job), two 5-gallon (food grade) plastic containers, and a tap.

Building this system yourself will save you money. Especially if you can pick up the two 5-gallon plastic buckets with lids from a local restaurant for free. Just make sure they are food grade!

Watch the video an make your own water filter system for a fraction of the cost of a complete Berkey unit.

If you are looking for the Berkey filters you can find them on

You can view the tutorial here.


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