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DIY Wood Pallet Front Porch – Cheap And Stunning!

Judging by what this couple did when they renovated their front porch pallet wood is not only useful and cheap but it can look amazing.  Finishing off with a walnut stain, this couple have added huge value to one of the most favorite spots in a house – the porch.  How many of us have a ton of memories of sitting in a chair on the front porch just marking time…

When this couple were given some pallet wood they decided not to just lay it down, but took the time to take out every nail and pull the pallets apart.   After planing them they got such an amazing unexpected surprise!  The wood that was revealed was beautiful!  It included all types of hard woods, including lovely exotic wood.  It must have been so exciting to find!

DIY Wood Pallet Porch 1

Next came putting it all together again…

Bill had to pre-drill every screw hole before he could screw those boards together; they were that tough. Oh, yes, he broke many a drill bit in the making of this porch. The first thing we did was build a ‘jig’ – a frame to help us get every one of the 36″ squares exactly the same size. We put together 18 36″ squares using that jig, then added support boards to each one, then attached the resultant squares to the porch – levelin
g as we went.

Once the top boards were in place, the porch was almost complete.

DIY Wood Pallet Porch 2

The final stage was staining it in a lovely dark walnut stain, which you can see just makes it look fantastic!

DIY WoodPallet Porch 4

Source and more images: redoredux-faywray


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