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This will make you want to live in a shipping container!

Check out this amazing home built from shipping containers…

We all have our own preconceived ideas about what shipping containers could be like to live in.  And we probably think they are going to be pretty ugly, cold, basic and boring.  In fact you might not imagine that you could call one home.

For these very reasons, finding this amazing shipping container home was a surprise!  In fact, you might even consider living in something like this.

It is built using two 40′ shipping containers that were placed about 6′ apart on a foundation system of steel I-beams resting on concrete piers. Then the 6′ gap was filled with a wood-framed floor and shed roof.  This offers a cheap, economical way of living for the Artist and designer Julio Garcia.

Wood is mainly used for the blend in eco-friendly concept. Glass completes the image and feeling of hospitality, as the sliding see-through door after the neatly crafted wooden terrace, invites you in. The containers had large portions of their edges cut off to let extra room for partitioning of the space. The indoor space is much larger than you would imagine. Cleverly decorated, it combines the kitchen with the dining and living room into one big inviting area. The bedroom is separated via a tiny lobby, but there is a glass-door that leads to the back terrace.

These images say it all!:




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