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Want to be in a TV show?


This came across the grapevine so thought we would share with you.  We have no idea what they expect from you so check it out carefully if it interests you.  But hey might be fun?

This is whats happening…

Attention All Homesteaders!! If you’re living a self-sustaining lifestyle, we want to hear from you. Metal Flowers Media is searching Nationwide for diverse families that are attempting their dream of living off-grid. We are looking for families and/or large communities who are working towards the goal of generating their own electrical power, food, shelter and water. Tell us how well you’re thriving and the hardships you’ve been facing in this new way of life. Tell us what you need our help with to make your dreams come true! Did you just start this new way of life? We want to hear from you! If selected, a homesteading expert will work with you to enhance your experience and help you succeed in living your dream.

If you fit the bill or know somebody pursuing this courageous lifestyle, please contact Metal Flowers Media at


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