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You Gotta See This Crazy Contraption!

Combine a tractor and a cycle and what do you get?

This is pretty inventive so get rid of expensive tractor costs, including fuel and try this out for size!  Surprisingly this delivers a lot of power and just what you need to till the land on a small plot of land.

Built from an ATV, lawn tractor and bicycle parts it has less soil compaction that the usual tractors that use fuel.  Not particularly speedy but goes about 3-4mph depending on how fast you can pump those legs!

At the end of the day its going to cost less and provides an option for an off-the-grid scenario where you dont have to rely on getting fuel and having mechanics available.

The culticycle is a pedal powered machine, consisting of 2 bicycle front ends, 1 bicycle rear end, a small differential, a tubular steel frame, and a belly mount used to raise and lower cultivating implements, that can seed, flame weed, or cultivate in low horse power situations. The culticycle attempts to show that human pedal power can do some jobs of small tractors, albeit in twice the time, and that the design can be simple enough that no extra weight is needed for traction. The effort required is similar to climbing a 10 degree slope on a seventies Schwinn 3 speed.

This is the first prototype, built by greentractorfarm.

Check out its performance here:

Let us know what you think of  this tractor cycle?  Would you ever use one? Let us know in the comments section below.

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